Cold cocoon

Water embrace my flesh

I search the deep

For sword of the sea

by Mos Generator

Refuge within

Protect sacred flame

Family and kin

Must avenge their name

by Summoner

Through the portal, psychedelonaut

Seeking truth, certain doom without

Green smoke, laden with meaning

Moordenar haze, tongue of beguiling

By Wo Fat

The abundance of sex and drugs

In this den of debauchery

I feel like I’m on top of the world

By Destroyer of Light

Embracing the cold, the danger is real

Mustn’t loose hold of wood handled steel

Feeling their eyes move across my skin

I hear their approach, let battle begin

By Mother Crone

I fight for my life

For the quest

For the right

To the everlasting love of an angel

by Mos Generator